Festka Scalatore & Festka #1

Festka Scalatore & Festka #1

Auction for the non-profit organization Centrum Paraple

89th auction at Gallery KODL, catalogue number 11

A totally unique image and bicycle, resulting from the collaboration of the Czech manufacturer of high-end carbon frames for road bikes Festka s.r.o. and the design duo Ondrash & Kašpárek, were presented at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2021. The model chosen for this unique collaboration is the Scalatore bicycle, the debutant of the company's portfolio and one of the latest gravel models Scout. The surface of the bike's frame was treated with a special art technique - transferring acrylic paints from the water surface, made famous by a pair of contemporary artists Ondřej Konupčík (* 1984) and Radim Kašpárek (* 1990). Ondřej Konupčík is especially known for his original tattoos, which are visited by clients from all over the world. Radim Kašpárek is an artist who searches for unconventional possibilities of expression through new artistic technologies. The complex technique of painting with acrylic from the water surface is his invention. He has been developing it for four years, and during the first lockdown, when Ondřej Konupčík could not devote himself to tattooing, they developed the technology together. As a result, their joint work has produced extremely interesting and visually arresting paintings, as well as completely original design works, such as the Festka Scalatore bicycle, which became the first 3D object on which the designers managed to transfer their special technique. Along with the bike, a painting in the same artistic and visual design called Festka #1 is also going up for auction. This is a completely unique collector's opportunity, as only three bikes were created in this series, each with an original design by the Ondrash & Kašpárek duo. The bike is fully functional. The manufacturer and authors will donate 50% of the hammer price to support the non-profit organization Centrum Paraple.

technique: acrylic on canvas,
wheel: combo. tech. (acrylic, lacquer) on carbon frame, 2021, wheel size 55

date: 2021

signature: on the reverse

dimensions: 80 × 80 cm

asking price: 500 000 CZK



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