This is Zkruhovec². Essence, spirit or spirit.

When Petr and Ondra from Landcraft tasted Zkruhovec beer, they did what is typical for distillers. They dreamed of what a distillate might be. Because what is a distillate? It is the essence, the spirit.

Apparently they dreamed so intensely that in a few days Ondra Husák from the Zichovec brewery called them to see if they would like to burn the last few barrels of Zkruhovec. The boys got involved and so this distillate was created. He immediately traveled from the boiler to the barrel, where he lay for six months. Not only did he get a golden color and a hint of vanilla, but mainly he intensified his juicy scent with tones of peach and pineapple, a fluffy fruitiness with a jovial dot of fruit punch.



Landcraft are farmers, beekeepers, gardeners and a bit of chemists. At the end of their endeavor, there is a small distillery, but it is far from just two boys with a distillation boiler. They grow herbs and throughout the year they accompany the fruit on its way from bud to flower to fruit. They are interested in nature and the landscape as a whole and their goal is to get the landscape and its wealth into the bottle.

The limited edition of 72 bottles sold out in 37 minutes.

Photo: Petr Hricko and Tomáš Škoda


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