spojeni by Ondrash & Kašpárek x Lenka Kerlická

About the project

Czech jewellery designer Lenka Kerlická together with the artistic duo Ondrash&Kašpárek will present for the first time at this year's 25th edition of Designblok, the largest design and fashion exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe, a limited series of rings called CONNECTED, which materializes an acrylic painting in 18k gold from the surface of water.

The collection of unisex JOINED rings works with 18k gold as a medium that, instead of a traditional canvas, becomes a support surface for "painting" organic structures evoking the flow of water or flowing fabric. While some of the selected models have ripples decorated with clear, grey and black diamonds, others merely let the elemental nature of the art in the gold material speak through. The series consists of eight creative designs in total, with each design being produced in a limited edition of 10 pieces. As a subtle piece of sculpture, it is not only an impressive artefact that invites its wearer to interact, but also an unusual collector's and investment piece.




A unique process combining the methods of modern 3D technology with the precision of traditional goldsmithing. The result is to achieve the truest possible capture of the spill of colours on the water surface, a technique that defines Ondrash&Kašpárek, a process that can capture all the subtle nuances of organic-abstract shapes full of black holes and unbridled wavy lines in gold. The torsos of the rings, which are sculpted to a larger scale from sculptural clay, allowing all the layers and contours to be focused on, are scanned using a 3D scanner. Together with Jakub Vychodil, a method of transferring relief paintings to the 3D surface of the ring was achieved, these are then printed on a 3D printer and serve as a pattern for the creation of the final gold jewellery, every tiny detail of which was created by perfect handwork. On average, each individual ring took several dozen hours to produce.

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